Our Team

The NSL Group Team

The company’s success from the day it was founded to date would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of each of its employees. The entire NSL Group team is based in the Northolt Trading Estate and is made up of the following departments:


Ketan Mehta

Ketan Mehta

Managing Director

Ketan Mehta founded the company in 1986. His passion and commitment to the company has fuelled its growth and on-going success, taking it from a small unit in Hounslow to a thriving and successful pharmaceutical business supplying products to customers on a national and global level. Central involvement in the company’s day to day business allows Ketan to maintain strong relations with all customers and suppliers, local and overseas, and to efficiently manage and work closely with all employees.

Bharat Mehta

Bharat Mehta


Bharat Mehta joined the company in 1987 and assists Ketan with the management of the company.

Bhoja Karavadra

Bhoja Karavadra

Finance Director

Bhoja Karavadra, NSL's Finance Director, manages the financial affairs of the company and assists with the management of the company as a whole.

Sales & Distribution


The Sales and Distribution team liaises with the company’s UK customers, providing the latest product information and any special offers that are available to ensure that all products are supplied at the most competitive prices in the market.

If you would like to enquire about the price or availability of any particular U.K or Parallel Imported product, please contact the Sales and Distribution Team on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 or at sales@nslgroup.co.uk, or simply submit an enquiry.



The Imports team is committed to maintaining strong working relations with the Company’s suppliers throughout Europe. Liaising with suppliers on a regular basis enables the team to immediately discover new lines and to source the highest quantity of available products at the most competitive prices. The team works closely with the Research and Development, Exports and Sales and Distribution teams which means that they are always aware of products required in the U.K market by all customers.

Please contact the Imports team at info@nslgroup.co.uk or on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 if there are any products that you think may be of interest to us.



The Exports team manages relations with the company’s customers outside of the UK and handles all export related queries. The team maintains strong relations with U.K suppliers and works closesly with the Research and Development team to ensure that they are able to source a full range of products required by customers overseas.

If you would like to enquire about the price or availability of any particular U.K or Parallel Imported product, please contact the Exports team on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 or at info@nslgroup.co.uk, or simply submit an enquiry.

Research & Development


The Research and Development team plays a vital role in keeping each department informed of the latest product information including pricing and availability, industry patterns and market data, assisting the company as a whole to evolve in line with the ever changing industry.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

The regulatory team prepare and submit applications to the relevant authorities for licences for all imported pharmaceutical products.  The team vigilantly monitors changes and updates to pharmaceutical products to ensure that all products marketed in the U.K. by NSL Group are compliant with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulations.

Quality control, Quality Assurance & Production


The company’s production team is made up of over 150 production assistants working in a number of in-house departments including labelling products, packaging, printing information leaflets and Braille printing. 

The company’s highly qualified quality control and quality assurance teams overlook the entire production process to ensure that every single stage in the production line is compliant with European Medicines Agency and Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulations. The team is headed by Qualified Persons who work closely with the Regulatory Affairs team to maintain an efficient and productive system.

These teams are located in the same premises as the NSL Group’s warehouses and offices, which allows a well-organised and resourceful system from the point of arrival of the goods to the point of dispatch.

Warehouse, Transport & Freight


There are two separate large warehouse units located in the same premises for Goods In and Goods Out. The Goods In team checks, separates and allocates incoming UK stock and imported pharmaceutical products upon arrival into the warehouse. The Goods Out team allocates and packs outgoing stock ready for dispatch.

The Transport and Freight team deals with all matters in connection with the delivery and collection of UK and parallel imported pharmaceutical products to the company’s customers. If you have any delivery or collection enquiries, please call the Transport and Freight team on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 or send an email to info@nslgroup.co.uk.