About Us

Necessity Supplies Limited

Necessity Supplies Limited is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceutical products. Having established close and long-standing relationships with highly reputable pharmaceutical companies across Europe over more than 30 years, it guarantees that all imported pharmaceutical products are of the highest standard of quality are very competitively priced.

The focus of our company is to introduce into the UK medicines supply chain pharmaceutical products at affordable prices and to try to fill any gaps in the market due to manufacturer shortages so that patients have access to the medication that they require without interruption. We have and continue to achieve this by building strong relationships with suppliers around Europe which enables us to ensure continuity of supply and to provide a reliable and high quality service. We import pharmaceutical products from the European Union, relabel or repackage them in accordance with our licenses and authorisations granted to us by the MHRA, and distribute them to customers nationwide.

NSL prides itself on its commitment to provide and maintain the highest standard of service to all of its customers, while offering the highest quality products at competitive prices. This standard is met by the strict management of the company in complying with the European Medicines Agency’s and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s regulations and the commitment of each of its employees to offer a service based on the company’s fundamental values of reliability, flexibility, efficiency and integrity.

Over the years, NSL has built up a global network of connections and has become recognised as a well-respected and reliable business. On its path to success, it has been acknowledged by the 2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit Track 100 league table of the UK’s fastest growing unquoted companies based on profit growth.

Despite its rapid growth and success, the company has maintained a level of humility and has remained focused on the ever-increasing needs of its customers. It is this vision that has shaped the character of the company, enabling it to reach the position at which it proudly stands today.

NSL is also a member of the British Association of Euro Pharmaceutical Distributors and Affordable Medicines Europe.