Our Team

Senior Management

Senior Management overlooks the day to day business activities of the company as a whole. Working closely with each Department Manager gives Senior Management valuable insight into the efficiency of the company’s processes and areas that require improvement. This also allows Senior Management to ensure that NSL maintains the level of Quality that it has successfully managed to achieve.


Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution is responsible for managing customer accounts and relations. The team liaises with customers on a daily basis providing the latest product information including available products that may be in short supply and any special offers. A clear channel of communication enables the team to provide a reliable and efficient service.

If you would like to enquire about the price or availability of any particular U.K or Parallel Imported product, please contact the Sales and Distribution Team on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 or at email us at sales@nslgroup.co.uk.

Imports Team

The Imports team is committed to maintaining strong working relations with the Company’s long-standing suppliers throughout Europe. Liaising with suppliers on a regular basis enables the team to gain market knowledge and to source the highest quantity of available products at the most affordable prices, which in turn allows the company to offer medicines to UK customers at competitive prices.

The team works closely with all company departments, in particular the Research and Development and Sales and Distribution teams, which means that they are always aware of product shortages and medicines in demand.


Exports Team

Our Exports team manages the accounts of customers based outside of the U.K. A clear channel of communication with all Export customers enables the team to provide a reliable and efficient service.

If you would like to enquire about the price or availability of any particular U.K or Parallel Imported product, please contact the Exports team on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 or email us at sales@nslgroup.co.uk.

Research & Development Team

The Research and Development team works closely with the Imports and Exports team, keeping them informed of the latest product information including product availability, product compatibility, industry patterns and market data. This collaboration between the company’s departments has helped NSL to become an industry leader in sourcing and supplying medicines in demand.


Regulatory Affairs Team

Regulatory Affairs manages all of the company’s regulatory matters including maintenance of the company’s extensive portfolio of product licences. The team vigilantly monitors changes and updates to pharmaceutical products to ensure that all products marketed in the U.K. by NSL are compliant with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and European Medicines Agency regulations.

Quality Departments & FMD

NSL's Quality departments are made up of a Quality Assurance team, Quality Control team, Quality Compliance team. In addition, NSL has a separate FMD team that manages the company’s FMD processes and any FMD related queries.

Our Quality teams are at the core of NSL, providing a foundation of processes upon which the company operates.

The company's highly qualified Quality control and Quality assurance teams overlook the entire production process to ensure that every single stage in the production line is compliant with European Medicines Agency and Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulations. The teams are headed by Responsible Persons and Qualified Persons who work closely with the Regulatory Affairs team to achieve a compliant, efficient system.

These teams are located in the same premises as the NSL Group’s warehouses and offices, which allows a well-organised and resourceful system from the point of arrival of the goods to the point of dispatch.


Warehouse, Transport & Freight

We have two separate temperature controlled warehouse units located within the same premises. The warehouse teams manage the receipt and dispatch of stock and are dedicated to delivering orders in line with our customers’ requests.

The Transport and Freight team deals with all matters in connection with the delivery and collection of UK and parallel imported pharmaceutical products. We use only secure, temperature controlled vehicles. If you have any delivery or collection enquiries, please call the Transport and Freight team on +44 (0) 208 839 3000 or send an email to sales@nslgroup.co.uk.